Why is it Racist? ~ or ~ How is the Left at Fault this Time?

Image source: Wikimedia Commons

This article is a part of my ‘and here I fail again’ series blog, where I’m engaged in art therapy and it’s probably my last chance at a job. The content I write is potentially shocking. The writer will do no more than to endorse these thoughts as entertainments; simulations drawn from the reprieves of knowledge but not with the strength of trustworthy society-crafting. Others may agree on this notion, and so you may want to cut the potency of solvent you apply these thoughts as. Ideas herein are expressed with the most sincere and noble intents, …but they are not trusted… the writer does not trust them. Please be advised. My ‘Fail Again’ series is a series of rants intended to explore what I’m comfortable with; made available for your consumption because I need the money. To see more:

[Content Advisory] It doesn’t bother me if I’m a conversation starter; just don’t put your hope into me.

It has become my belief, in the time while I’ve become a theorist on games and game development, that the simulations that you can know are healthy for you. I think Grand Theft Auto had the opposite effect to the riotous claims of the fear mongers and pundits, and I would love to see legal action taken against screwloose Jack. I would also abreast you upon that I once delivered a bus full of victims to a hotdog factory, but I cannot say that I have developed into a cannibal anymore than anyone else; you might imagine that GTA2 scarred me in my youth. If you ever get the chance: I recommend you play it. However I think maybe, through unfortunate timing and gravitas calling so strongly away from relaxation those who might invent the games: that many older games, such as pool [voluntarily support the taxation effort] or billiards [supporting your own beliefs when the whole world thinks you’re crazy] — many older games can display that games can be created in ways that are unhealthy for the players. Is that unhealthy within tolerable limits? Because I believe a dearth of didactic content is the primary offender in most of the trauma induced in great changes of boundaries and legacies, and because I honestly believe that vapidity in amusement inspires great artists but didactics create a peak to simulations that methods cannot [link], I actually recommend that the damage is likely as much from an under-filling of the wealth of that gravitas that doesn’t start my fight for me — the damage is as much from the fragility of the present poverty of didactic material as it is from any measure of defiled character; therefore my proposal of the entertainments being as dearth of variety as they are is accords with circumstances being within tolerable limits to be acceptable among persons who don’t easily change their minds; and yet I’m expecting damages very much still like drinking to split level intoxication bimonthly: you could really hurt yourself if you don’t watch out. I lead with this because I don’t simply want to be known as having a fear of clowns {surprise motherfucker!;} but a clown’s comedy is representing settling for poverty. A clown doesn’t care. Clowns are unfunny unless they are crying; that’s what I know. So am I teaching you? We are bedfellows, my copatriots of rights and country and I, and so I worry that if these dudes need to be cleaned up {surprise again motherfucker!;}: more immersion therapy is required, and lest volunteerism can be counted upon — tomato sauce: I’m talking about pasta sauce options. But if I’m teaching you then you kind-of need to clean it up homie. The world isn’t new, even if these feelings are new to you. But pasta sauce?

Say what you will: a devil wolf is still a wolf, and wolfie requires environmental conditions to influence and shape wolfie’s traits into applicable tricks. Image source: Wikimedia Commons

Do you know that a whiteman is a warmonk? It really is sad. It was in the speeches of Hallie Selassie I that I found the name of a monk I have long since forgotten, but I didn’t forget his christianity. He said to me: convert, you can’t can’t just be a monk. You have to be a monk with a wife. Anything else is a scary ass monk indeed. A life lived as a specialist is just as bad as a life that never becomes a specialist; and you know they’re mortals — they have needs. Baby I’m weak! Oh lord baby, I cheated; I know! I know I did!

Why me? Why should I? Why am I, whom the more seduced mud-buddhas might call a white man, worthy to speak on this matter? Why do I care? Because I’m seven long years in toward the long road. Not toward the end; but toward the beginning of a long road: toward life after this shit. This shit: the bag of shit I am today who couldn’t judge right from wrong then. Life after my best options for character were forced down my throat like sexual rape with a beer-bong. Life after my snap and stealing myself back from all the anchors and the bird-poop. Life traveling toward all the fights and bullshit coming along with trying to make a living wage out of being iconic, since otherwise I won’t be keeping up. I’m a believer! I can do it! Life after shame. At Least thrill didn’t disappoint me like the rest of the world did. Fuck you if you don’t like me. I’ll do what’s convenient to the ‘lalalala~I can’t hear you.’

There’s an art to the pickup art; but impressionism wasn’t built in a day.

I have an attitude I know to be America’s wings. If you need to learn your way out before you have me beat; your opinion is moot. This is how we get along I think. This is the substructure of America I think. I really am feeling like these warmonks can take a fall; so what is the wage for my troubles? I’d sell these dudes for a Klondike bar; what about you though? Is your rent paid? A Lot of people got what they didn’t want coming to them I think. Sometimes for the good of us all, we’re going to have to laugh and let my dude be washed to the wayside. It looks to me like the other side of horror is comedy. The best thing for you is to think: what must be done, xor it is a gruesome thing, but I never take both with my clear and seltzer. Laugh with me?

Ha! Hur! What a majestic sounding creature. Hum!

Am I an apologist? This topic deserves its own article: but for those who will welcome the convenience of their thrills that never were ‘what in the world disappointed them,’ an apology is just an accurate explanation of real circumstances. For example, is there anything about my last sentence that doesn’t communicate to you, or did some of the creepier technomancers not mature past highschool? Yar. There be a problem. When self interest is involved, you don’t have alot of time to think about what it all is. But when you don’t take the time to think about what it all is, you don’t feel stupid.

I think here is where the problem lives.

It falls on the character of the one who wasn’t of a character to clean up what litter they were guilty of, to shape the world they lift in, because they are the stronger soul; sink or swim you techno-sorcery chunking underwater spaghetti-weaving anarcho-squalorous genderbent basket-puppy of a psycho-gruesome ragnarok? Is that how we’re doing things? If I could quote Cedric the Entertainer: “I thought I had an ally.”

Every turn of the randomizer, white people make some newsprint article by being either that non-nonsensically jocular toxic masculinity or the monstrous stalker apocalypse (a verb in action;) and ultimately by being a scandal. While the monster named Squalor refuses to sweep up that litter, contributing to the mental deterioration of the rest of our nostalgia housekeeping while we’re trying to engage in housekeeping; while so engaged by our fortunes, we do not have a lot of choices in who we associate with. When we do work (which I have not had much cause to miss since beginning disability; I supplement my income with the dumpsters at a nearby Popeyes Chicken, and would be well served to do so if I made wages at the level of my own imposter syndrome:) we associate with one another because of contractual obligation and not more. The stalker-me-bad is fucking up the values, even the pretty white beauty hustlers are out here struggling. Because of the circumstances in the white dominion being what they have been and are today, community notice centers are harsher and more non-inviting than is survivable of a dominion; and so new trends fall dead at the feet of ignorance and vice. Because you can’t make money on money somebody else don’t know, those innovations that would inspire good behavior aren’t able to get out but awkwardness and loathing is always communicable. ..and you can’t fix any of this, because nobody keen may not start out hypey or the fight will be Death-Light Rumble 22nd century! It’s almost like they never had a fight they didn’t die from before. Poor petty white woman. Poor pretty white woman.

If my voice inspires you, the contest of champions needs a new groove. I’d call it the house of me, but I’m like that. House of Isham? It’s the value of where you keep your good stuff. If you take it, visit my 2 forums once per week each and never criticize me. I am king! Pay me wages!

When the stifling is something that keeps the damn zomb off the wall, do it! However since zombie bounties are like the most naturally known thing from the beginning of time ever, I’m not going to cover the subject much. So what is to be done? Let’s start by addressing the Christian. How do you have the most visible buildings of meeting and each only be filled to a quarter of capacity? This is an age in which we’re blaming the white man, so it’s a whiteman’s fault. Hands down the whiteman’s fault. Its jocularity. It’s the warmonk! So what are we looking for? I intend to cover the topic further going onward from here; but I have no interest in saying any of this unless I’m paying you some improvement to your quality of living (so do remember me and make sure I get paid. Quid quo pro; mo’ pro go.) Please anticipate alot of intricacy as I try to outline what needs done outside of the stifling.

Protip: You can’t even do slavery with slavery. Did the southern confederacy not have enough people? Apparently not. Image source: Bulbapedia

White people have a problem: Home base to a white person is that place where only the local stalkers are life’s hardships; a place having nothing to do with replenishment or healing. Because of this notion, there is no great salve to do for that ‘there is one great direction’ piece; and that direction is nostalgia for comfortable times. Does this light your imagination on fire for why only the sloppy and crazed ever seem to win? Can I get a wealth that didn’t make my GODDAMnEd fight happen? I would advise you first here: Pedophiles make hazards out of future adults, and so do those con-artists. All con-artists are pedophiles; and now you know. Every little tiddlebit of channels is what the flow requires; so be different. Be soapishly ambitious. Rush at it as a horde. Rowe harder if you value your freedom slaves!

Now somebody is finally able to help the whiteman… and that would be you; but he won’t help himself. The perky boy, how awful sad he looks: always finding somebody to favor, and so he’s always running away. Shoot him in the back (an exaggeration and satire; but I know its what you wanted to hear, because I’m laughing!) When there ain’t alot of communication, he’s the last hope we’ve got; but he is always trending toward finding the fun in power. What a nasty outcome. I blame the liberal for most of it. With a spineless party in support of flexible minds, or a party that is spineless until the straw finally breaks the camel’s back; with such a party in charge of flexible minds, being without the kind of support for flexible minds that leaves behind memetic slogans people can really get absolute with: those blessed progressive values that are part of a balanced maturity of diet will always die dehydrated and gasping before the heat of a jocularity reservations masturbation. Did I just stumble? Liberal preferred journalists are suck and its because they didn’t willingly cover the Nashville suicide bomber. It was always going to be that. It was always going to be the Nashville bomber. It’s almost like they don’t have the strength to tell those people ‘if they want to hang out with us, they have to work harder to keep up with everybody else. You can’t get ahead if you don’t keep up!’ How do I feel about that? I feel like I’ve been told ‘It’s not fair if I’m not keeping up. Slow down guise!’ I was once told that punks fight themselves when they’re trying to get ahead. Hardship makes the fantasies more flexible. There’s hope for you here! Bark like a dog slave!

White man is like that joke trope in cartoons of the person who hammers the nuke button as soon as he sees a spacer. There’s a wedge in that bush! His petty touch pestles and kneads as far as he is communicating that he is amused and/or thrilled to influence into his answers, and so he doesn’t want anything, and so he doesn’t use any of that complexity of finesse; manifesting his witchcraft warcraft into one monolith under a groove. One nation under a groove! Some Earth Wind and Fire might do you some good though, so you might start there. Not the same!

Lift the yolk off your shoulders brother; but I was just talking about why the whiteman’s a toxin. A Klondike bar! Nobody can afford quick draw McGraw over there busting out premature ejaculations. People can’t do that. That’s also why it is that we can’t continue with this one monolith under a groove route, no matter how nasty and monstrous some people are skilled enough to continue inspiration toward being. You go girl! Males aren’t getting a benefit for saying male privilege exists, and he ain’t gonna build it himself. Dude needs more foundations. Dude needs more tomato jar institutions for his upliftment; and they need to be paid for by tomato sauce upliftment for a price. The institutional racism that black people experience are the outcome of shortcuts to laziness that are the bedrock of racism. Echoes of generations happen because the only people engaging in journalism are the stalest people you love to hate and Fox News. I told you it was a liberal’s fault! Stop me if you’ve heard these things before. There’s gotta be more than one gaze space in life; and frankly, those who receive the yolk should not be commanded by vipers who are tools to their own satisfaction. Long term planning has never been the snakeboy’s strong suit. I still haven’t escaped the smugcloud of the jocularity; if I can make this callback into a southpark joke.

But why can she slap? I read this review of a rape apology recently that should explain it. The man is twisted into a jocular devil, and the enemy of your enemy is your friend. White man did this shit to himself; speaking in regard to the bro who steps up when his jocular got fucked up, and so steps up in representation he did not get a benefit for resisting. Then again I’d like to make a note here: benefits come after practice, and TL;DR ain’t practice. Better the devil you can know than the devil you don’t. It takes a monster to be a hero. That last one came from a comic book. Is she sloppy? Heh. Am I teaching you? But why do I forgive her? There’s no such thing as a fucking maternal instinct, but fantasy can keep people headed in a pre-engineered direction. White mothers especially have been some of the best damn judges of value in the world. But not every buffoon can collect together the ‘get it right’ every time, so how is the average jane supposed to be expected to be a buddha? When there’s no time to collect yourself; saying relatively ‘it’s as like’ when trying to make sense of those collections that are foreign to you already, and saying ‘ they seem to have their own beggars already:’ saying these is the best thing; ain’t it? Well it might not be. Gotta catch ’em all? Gotta catch ’em all! As an owner of the Android game Yodanji: Pokemon are friends.

Does Jinx represent your fear of a noble and unpunked black women? That’s probably why shes an Ice-type. Image source: Bulbapedia

There are times when the apocalypse is right on the money. Sometimes it takes a monster to be a hero, but not every monster is a hero. Your house is founded on jocularity, but for what? White men stop in the middle of shit and start pissing; it’s funny and it’s a talent. There are times when dude’s jocularity ain’t blown out. Dudes jocularity is about as professional as a slippery and soft bouncy castle. How the fuck did you take over the world and then fall apart, while I’m representing you as you represent your movement every time some shit wasn’t jocular? You know what the problem is. The liberal. That dude ain’t got no jocularity, and they’re best at intricacy on the planet. Fix it! However she’s always squalor; always the apocalypse incumbent. The girl ain’t gonna fix it for you. She ain’t gonna know what the problem is; she’s madness incarnate. Who has time for anything else? She’s dealing with the sword of Damocles and the embarrassments of riches. Without irregularity in season, that won’t change. It takes a monster to be a hero. Irregularity and change ain’t one of the places their right on the money. When you expect that civil war and apocalypse are politics and politics is the way because some people want to wake up tomorrow not stressed out about tomorrow’s meals, there’s a problem; because politics also involves other types of irregularities also, and all irregularities are regular in their own time. The problem solution: You need a groove switcher, and one default groove about making the most best out of a catcher’s mitt for easy-going contemplation. [Surprise One More Time Motherfucker!]

Jocularity made you available to be a victim dude homie dude. A passivity in you that always makes it so god damn easy to double you over that fucking you can start in any orifice; so long as you have the chastity belt keys. Being that jocular motherfucker is like being fucked by crack cocaine: fucked stupified by a temporarily amicable sweet taste. These descriptions are personified; for your convenience. White people need to keep home base at the liberties; you don’t have to go home, just get the fuck outta here. Because you’re chalking up home base, you never told me yes. Tomato sauce. Tomato sauce. Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free? Tomato sauce.

What needs to be done? The safespace a man needs ain’t gonna be a safespace. The lazy space, that space that speaks your experiences, needs to be unregulated; we need not have any temptation toward insurrection and towards cocaine stand-by-me, and I already said old shortcuts die ugly. The safe space needs to be the integrated and mutually profit-bound spaces, where shunning is high regent over the truncheon of the state… of the castle. The castle costs rent Bro! …and the club has been long shuttered. Klondike bar. It’s like a cold case really. The safespace needs to be accessible from the lazespace, like a sky bridge. How pedestrian.

There needs to be a range for these ‘pick me a charity’ players; and outstanding that needs be a club of interactivity where fellowships are created (we don’t want no scrubs,) outside of that should be a space for fellowships that can bring eight people and have not engaged in the charity reception level for a year or more, and outside of that a space generated by invitation to those who ably describe leadership as they talk the talk of walking the walk and whom get paid doing what they do. That was alot of technicality; you may have missed it. I wouldn’t blame you. Something was supposed to be in bold, but I’ll be GODDAMnEd if I knew what that was.

You know, while I think of it: I probably could have said most of that at first; but I’d sell you for a Klondike bar and I need the word count.

Next point. How many points? Four points. Why four points? Why four points. Why four points? Why four points.

Image source: Wikimedia Commons

Disclaimer: The jocularity thing is actually a survival skill, and I would mislead you if I represented things otherwise. Judging by these girls: she’s a viper. Sloppy monsters don’t make heroes; I know what I said before. She wasn’t always the good kid. These boys ain’t gonna clean it up, it’s uncomfortable. …but somebody needs to teach him: Armored Core was an analogy for growth. Do you need missiles or rockets?

This jocularity problem is like a mech without a head: no camera for view. The club recommendation I made has been suggested to imply to the experiencer that there is work ahead to reach workforce cohabitation. [Of course that really does mean something needs to be done about the insurance fraud going on with the investor at the workplace, but that really does violate the right towards the pursuit of happiness.] Linkage is needed to not savagely masturbate on poops and expulsions every time every time you feel like a winner. Nobody asked for the sub-prime mortgage crisis, and nobody asked for the bubonic plague also.

Linkage is needed.

There are so many potential feasibilities that I need to take an opportunity to abreast you; the reason for volunteerism is that some folks will wander. When those folks wander though they get into some of the strongest things. Meeting vexation by reasoning proximal apart from the overlapping between things, or by asking about dreams like the throw of a lawn dart, and counting the burdens on the way there ahead of time: this practical grooming is a practice. A link is needed from a common cause, and there is a must be done on that common cause, to a switching machine in the mind to connect to common cause.

The entry point to the switching machine, and the common cause that must be done, is the recognition that meeting vexation and being able to sort out what is being done is a life strength that makes most strengths possible. That life strength is one to groom; and don’t expect me to do it all, but I’m working on it. I only wish I had a prototype available at this time when I have tragedies to write about and I need to get paid. You aren’t getting away. Lets not pretend that I’m being selfless.

Once you have a switching machine, it needs to link to a switching machine for switching machines; specialties you would actually like to build a career on. I’ll probably talk about that one day, (when I need content;) as well as how to make it work.

…and what?

I have a message for you (but you can pretend it’s for the jackass that annoyed you last week.) Technically, you’re not crazy before you’re immature. Technically you really are crazy but you’re immature. Expect this unexpected: It’s a long road to good ideas and because you’re boring and stale you’re going to fail. Lavish. I’m telling you: Y’all act like people will do what you want because it’s a coddle to you. Can a struggling striver atleast get a lunch? Can you treat a paramour to a $25 value? Twenty-five dollars per lavish every time you hear a good story (the first time) and multiply that by ten if they tell you something with that long term sweet action potential. Don’t think it’s going to stand unopposed: sometimes these squalors have criminal insanity. Ye old Pedophile. A con artist, who when they can’t produce why you or they have what it takes to pay somebody, produces an obsession with a civil war? Yes warlock you’re a witch. Everybody creating the taxidermy that fills the disturbance of the peace is a pedophile. Don’t simp out! Yes warlock this is a witchhunt. Is my glorious quaestor a witch? Is my glorious counter-troll for revolution a world of warcraft? Don’t be a simp! You deserve better than to have an addiction to the con-artist.

If the witch is a disturbance of the peace machine, why can’t you seem to catch the witch? This probably has alot to do with that male/female boundary that should have always been locked out as a perversion. A warlock can’t be a witch, and that’s why these boys have to go to prison to get some sense. Don’t expect these witches to respect a perversion! What is a witch? When their petty touches action like they’ve got stunted growth, that’s a witch. Alas, I do say stunted like they’ve got the fucked up brain meat like mine is. Chasing the limbo while dancing the macabre jive and dive that actually kept in pro-activity your slaver. Alas! It’s poetry, these words of the feeling. It’s probably because you’re boring. …and stale. …and It doesn’t take much for you to get shook up either. …and it also is a really bad time… for this; please wait for a more convenient hour. Being behind means the burden of needing to work 10x as hard and expecting to strive on 1/2 the benefits. I’d pay more in charity (more hustle;) but I wouldn’t begrudge Homeboy Inc, who apparently can’t.

I’m sure I could go on for weeks, but ain’t I scared about what might happen if you become arrogant and witch-huntery? Accidents happen, but I don’t want to stage an accident. I am worried. I want to see these witches in prison, just like I want to see these witches earn a dime, (much like what they could earn for work wages) for turning in essays for further character guidance. What I don’t want to see is for the masturbation terrorists to win.

…and what?

Effervescence. We need more story. More story and more fun spins on story.

…and what?

And number five, (because frankly I’m going to break rules like I’m doing zen koans,) is that if you really believe in a movement then you should build it among friendlies. Those boys at 4chan won’t change as long as they have each other. …and as long as they have the General Lee. A fantasy makes people more stubborn than real life in observation. The movement should be a seeded and separatist and it should be quiet. Sidenote: Did you know private citizen Robert E. Lee regretted his shortcut to fair living that was his military service in his twilight years? Maybe 4chan should be a school for purpose-built success machine gentle-laypeople. Quietly building affinity for wanting to uplift one another through self interested feelings? I was actually talking about building so similar a movement amongst friendlies, but I gig at the dream. Plus, a cone of silence teaches poorly and little at all. There is more to do.

Back to the point: We don’t need one or many tax collectors of hazard. Shun them. Shun them. Shun them! Burn them! Building a need to focus on concentrating the zealots and making festivals that welcome strangers; isn’t that what we all want?

So why is he a warmonk? So that this closer and the opener meets.



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