I need a minister Malcolm X for my Manhood.

This is in response, see this link: https://link.medium.com/fybPmNOSDeb

I won’t tell you no lies. I won’t give you the privilege of establishing that justice on me. I won’t lay bare what any irresponsible kibble chewing fly ball promising wishy-fishy-washy fraudster may choose to derelect. I will not give you my honesty. I will not give you my respect. I will not give you my gold plated bastard chain; but I will tell you however that there is more to be done, and I will tell you that the societies of civil ladies are the ones who have caged but perverted these men. I will tell you that the minister holding the congregation by the leash is the same powerbroker pimping the boys to the slaughterhouse. I will tell you that days of lament need be rebuked, not feelings, and she can go back to the kitchen. I need an icon of a different kind of respected gazespace.

I actually agree with a funny topic: a manhua. The name of this manhua is Iron Ladies, and while its genre is shonen-harem, I think its theme is called kung-fu manual. This manhua is available in translation through Tencent entertainment media enterprising, not affiliated with me. In this manhua, a primary thematic focus is that it takes monsters to be heroes. I agree with this wholeheartedly; so as I claim the next sentence: it will profit you to expect that its because she doesn’t give a fuck what he’s going through. Unpaid dues do not go overlooked; she paid enough to be assigned sloppy.

She is the steward, but she is in type a paramour; here used to denote a cross-company between a spy and a diplomat, or a lesser acolyte. She holds together a dominion pretty poorly, but you can hear a unifying spine(X)thread and nothing else; and I’ll give as good as I get, even when some sand falls away for it. Theres no influence for those sick of the shit others have glued together (like a values system of Lavish[lav], only $25 per story or ten times that if the leverage is a buddy you might keep around.) Theres no tolerances for diversity (like an honor club, or a club practicing desire in direct relation to the number of first time stories shared of late about the 8 ways a person can diversely use one skill and how many of an advised 16 maximum skills a person can collect — remember that cultivation skill is the portal-key pass and the clubhouse isn’t free.)

Above is my hobby: building my crutches.

So she really doesn’t give a fuck, and she ain’t bringing a working prototype, this shit is for the birds. It’s not just that I’m sick of her; #metoo lost the moral high-ground and so has cancel culture because these crooks get away with everything. Why do I have to starve; but my fat-and-disabled ass can’t stop worrying about my minimum wage or get one of the jobs I talk to the manager at? Is it because she was the next step up at a time without an internet. We need a movement with human google spiders doing Penny Arcade valued movement spam — remember to give them two weeks of your contribution. …but this quibbling is whats deigned good enough for me? How scandalous!

The prison industrial complex is good enough, and there is more to be done! Maybe thats because I’m angry, or maybe its because angry is an abusive word meaning love-starved and desperation crazy. What I really need is a real leader to the forest of puddles. Somebody who eats last. See the link: https://link.medium.com/6esXB3SSDeb The chicks are nutty. If it works for them it works for everybody I say sarcastically. Personally I’m not upset that I’m incel cancelled. I love nobody more than I love a gold digger. But I’m getting cancelled for these words: the Blues goes both ways bitch.

Its the ballot or the bullet gentlemen. Moar liek the ballot box fired the bullet, amirite?




Here I write a progress blog in pursuit of authorial voice. They tell me I need to write more. I do so loath these little boxes. Pari.SZo, Them/They/Weary

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I. Samuel Crozier

I. Samuel Crozier

Here I write a progress blog in pursuit of authorial voice. They tell me I need to write more. I do so loath these little boxes. Pari.SZo, Them/They/Weary

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