[Authorial Intent] A Machiavellian Life Coach (Part 1)

I. Samuel Crozier
7 min readMay 22, 2021


Trigger Warning! Please be advised. My ‘Fail Again’ series is a series of musings, rants, and frivolities intended to explore what I’m comfortable with; made available for your consumption because I need the money.

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This article is a part of my ‘and here I fail again’ series blog, where I’m engaged in art therapy and its probably my last chance at a stable career. My aim, and the very first I need to achieve, is to expand my area of growth, with intent upon becoming a better comic; and for that purpose I’m developing my situation awareness while navel gazing on touch and feel. I have been engaged in politics to some intensity from my childhood, and I need to break new ground — because people are more than the systems surrounding them. I need to soften my perspectives with a serious urgency.

To date, I have mostly practiced comedy in my writing, with a sense of systems I use in game development guiding my perspectives. It is my hope to discover situational awareness in redundancy, by which I mean to contrast the dearth outcome my disability as I know it. If I can develop a social abstraction that functions as an assertive machine for my needs, I will be pleased with my work. If I can write material that can get me paid along the way: all the better.

I have dropped the [Authorial Intent] series and picked it up before, and in its most current iteration: it is a game. I have the freemind open source software installed, and I have created mindmaps to gain an elemental view of what the world is anchored in. I’ve tried to be a good influence upon myself in this matter. With a preselected menu in effect, I have rolled several dice to select my subject matter for exploration. I call it therapy where this is going.

Todays rolls were: d12(12), d12(4), d20(9), d8(8); and I’ll keep the d4(2) for an entire three months.

Lets discover together what the dice have dictated that I shall write, shall we?
The content I write is potentially shocking. !

This content is sectioned for your convenience.

Here’s a link to part 2, for the LIGHTNING ROUND.


What does it mean to just stop, look, and listen?

What does it mean for those motives that move me to dance?

What does it mean for a society to rise together or to fall together?

What does it mean if all the best things in life are just victims waiting to be perverted unless the perversion is done already from within?

What does it mean if over-exuberance cannot be manifested into the physical world simply because love and passion are there?

When looking into the eyes of the abyss, my gaze is sure to fall upon the hopelessness of the way that is barred; but I am that reckless American, and I never say die.

[Spread the Lay]

Its difficult for me to understand sometimes why other people are not stopped flat by the same biological processes I am. I am a disabled person. I am intellectually disabled in such fashion that I am unable to be a willing participant. There go by me no circumstances in which I say yes passively. In recent months I have come to realize that other people are not having my firewall experience, but they still do have my experience struggling to understand. I call it the One Touch Rule of Perception, named after a Soccer play I saw in a manga once. Don’t judge me harshly.

With this one touch perception, I can see this portion of myself because I can see my needs; and seeing a single wall of the structure is satisfying. However satisfaction doesn’t pay the rent. So what is the channel or channels to establish to make wealth management or time management or life management satisfying? How do I learn what I need to know; because I don’t have time scheduled today to worry about why I don’t know it?

Or maybe I do.

One of my questions to answer today is what is the nature of working together to build a mutual pool of petitionable resource. I don’t know what this is going to lead too, but maybe I’ll learn a thing or two about a cleaner swagger than my own present perceptions allow for.

Working together is hard though, because life has been a school of hard knocks for ancestor after ancestor before our time. I love the notion of a renascence of virtue, and so this factor concerns me. I happen to know that if I don’t bring a violent thought with me, I will be quagmired in the violent thoughts of the human swamp that is the cray-cray. So what is the perception I need to have that makes building that heap the music my motives dance too?

My goal in today’s writing is to find a method for looking into the overshoot of the above subjects. I need to know what speed I should clock in at, and what I should do about over-extension. That sounds like a coach of self defense. Lets go to the simulation and see if I’m right.


Its not just a beat down, its a killing. This is a description of self defense. It is the elimination of those influences that have ill intent on the brain. Judging these things by a metric is wrong, you just have to get in there and do it. You have to secure the casement that would so easily allow an invader entry.

It’d be so nice if tunnel vision could solve my problem. The point at hand is, there's a difference. There is a difference between the point of awakening and the limits of labor. The build-up of life sustaining influence cannot simply survive just because wishes would will it so. Oh to run in and snatch it all. Its like looking at a ransacked corner-store after a riot. Articulating violence at the worker or on the work is disturbing the peace you wish to create. Sabotage exists for a reason. You can’t build up that life nourishing nectar of your labors simply by attacking the time or comfort space of your labor partners.

Everybody shut the fuck up, this is a robbery!

This might be the way to go about things, handling all social affairs like a stick-up. The con-artist is out there, and the pedophile variant likes to get ’em while they’re young. It is not less necessary now than it ever was to have some justice involved in the system. …but people grow numb. Inaction is intolerable, fear of numbness can’t be allowed to be the full stop, but they do grow numb. There needs to be fresh movement. Fresh action. Always changing. Always a reason to perk up.

The question is also how to live in such a fashion that other generations would want to join me. Only then can I ensure consistency. Where did that come from? Is that on my list? It is at stop, look, and listen. However the stop, look, and listen also stops, looks, and listens; this is also about how to continue working in life sustaining ways. So things have to continuously be moving, but things have to stay functional.

I need what solutions I find to constitute the feelings that would make me want to repeat doing the action, and I also need the solutions I find to constitute an action with impact I would want to repeat. It sounds like a coach so far.

I do need to remember work. I need to be able to work with others after. This still sounds like a self defense coach.

I need awareness.

Basically, yes. It looks like I need a coach in Machiavellianism. Since I don’t have one, I need to imagine how to become my own.


So now I need to make a list. What understandings do I need to go forward with this concept of a life-coach in Machiavellianism? How can I council myself through that one; considering understandably that in middle-to-late stages I should be prepared to need a therapist?

Moral Gray Locking: For a Machiavellianism self defensive view to take root, an individual needs both the best and the foulest understandings to refuel themselves at the gateways of the best and the foulest times.

Draconian Tolerance: If you kill them all, you don’t have anymore. The old-wisdom Draconian begins to trend toward ranching and branding people like cattle. At that gate, its important to come prepared and to don’t choke.

Primitivism: To be the coach in both teaching and strategy for going forward, it is important to account for and allow for those animalisms in the human gaze frame.

Civilities: To be the life coach on these matters, the coach should have on hand a field of shortcuts on the happy times.

Conflict Philosophy: To be the life coach on these matters, the coach should have a quick reference for when to fight and when to end it.

Grace: The life coach should be able to visualize and communicate the last time being given a new chance.

Award Building: The life coach should be able to locate and measure rulings to affluence a trainee further upon reaching a desired goal.

[Titillate x2]

That was kind-of easy for me, as thought I listed off things I have on hand. I expect that under the conditions, I have overlooked very much that I do not keep on hand. Nuance escapes everybody I think. I do hope however that you were amused by coming along with me. I have no idea how part 2 of this pursuit will turn out.